As Vanda in Venus in Fur

"believable in her transition from sycophant to virtual director of the final scenes."

"...even her posture seems to shift imperceptibly, as Vanda/Vanda slides from one century to the next, sometimes mid-sentence." 


- DC Theatre Scene (Jill Kyle-Keith) 

"She reveals hidden depths to what originally seems a flighty character." 

-DC Metro Theatre Arts (Charles Green)

As Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof 

"Anna DeBlasio plays Hodel with great love as well. She and Joe Mucciolo, who plays Perchik, have wonderful chemistry." 

   - DC Metro Theatre Arts (Charles Green)

"Most outstanding in a talented cast is Anna DeBlasio as smart, independent Hodel...DeBlasio possesses the best voice in the cast, and provides a most memorable moment in her poignant 'Far From the Home I Love.'"

         - The Baltimore Sun (Mary Johnson)

As Guenevere in Camelot
Broadway Theatre of Pitman

"DeBlasio's glowing soprano ranges from earnest and whimsical (in her early numbers) to bouts of lovesick pathos in her rendition of 'I Loved You Once in Silence.'" - The Philadelphia Inquirer (Jim Rutter)

As Guenevere in Camelot
 (Compass Rose Theater)

"DeBlasio's Guenevere is smart, strong, independent and passionately devoted to Arthur and his ideals." - The Baltimore Sun

 "her voice was sweet and tender, while also powerful and purposeful" - Maryland Theatre Guide

"DeBlasio's Guenevere is an honest and forthcoming character and DeBlasio is a triple-threat with her singing, acting, and dancing abilities." - DC Metro Theater Arts

As The Girl in The Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd

"DeBlasio's vocals were the highlight of the show for me."

    - Danielle Angeline

      DC Metro Theatre Arts

"From the outset she is a standout when she joins the urchins in an earlier dance sequence, and later reveals her skilled acting as she transitions from shy girl to strong woman, embracing the battle with dominant males."

          - Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun